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How long should I keep my tax records for?

Generally, you must keep all required records and supporting documents for a period of six to seven years from the end of the last tax year they relate to.

The tax year:

  • is the fiscal period for corporations

  • is the calendar year for individuals

  • varies for trusts based on the type (for more information on trusts, including the tax year for each type, go to Trust income tax)

The rules for the record retention period are similar under the following legislations:

  • the Income Tax Act

  • the Excise Tax Act (includes the GST/HST)

  • the Employment Insurance Act

  • the Canada Pension Plan

  • the Excise Act, 2001

  • the Air Travellers Security Charge Act

In some situations, you must retain your records for a different period of time. Please check CRA's website for examples of these.

What are your service fees?

Service Fees vary depending on size of business or non-profit, annual revenues, industry, and service(s) provided. We are here to help you, so we will work with your budget.

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